Intellectual Property:

Intellectual property can be one of your greatest assets. Intellectual property means owning your ideas. These are protectable with trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property.

Domain Name Disputes:

In today’s internet-oriented world, a web address is one of the most important assets to a person or a business. If someone is using a web address in bad faith or cybersquatting, this can affect you. This can be solved through an ICANN proceeding.

Business Law:

Businesses have a great deal of legal issues. To start, they must organize into the property entity, be it a sole proprietor up to a corporation. They then have contract issues, collection issues, and various other disputes.


Estate Planning:

The firm can draft your will, health care power of attorney, property power of attorney, and help you prepare for end of life matters.

Real Estate:

When buying or selling properties, the services of an attorney may be required. Additionally, landlord-tenant relationships give rise to many disputes and contract questions.


My office can help you get back money you owed.

Condominium Law:

Condominiums have many peculiar issues that need to be addressed from incorporating as a not for profit to eviction of homeowners for failure to pay assessments.


Sometimes things go wrong, and despite our best efforts, we have to reach out to the court system to fix them. This is litigation.

Small Claims:

While small claims court is meant to be a simpler system, it can still be quite intimdating.