Right from the getting the raw materials to seeing the product in the hands of the final consumer, managing this whole process is called supply chain management. It is a very important aspect of companies that are based on making and supplying a particular finished product. For you to be a good supply chain manager, you need to be good at planning, executing, assessing and analyzing.


You have to plane for the product to be supplied consistently according to its demand. You have to plan when your product will be high demand, so, there is no shortage in the market, and you also have to plan when the demand will not high, so, too much of inventory is not stuck with you.


The whole manufacturing of the product falls under the execution process. Getting the raw materials into production, manufacturing the product, quality assessment, dispatching the product to the wholesalers and retailers, and getting the feedback on the product from the consumers is a part of the execution.

Assessing & Analyzing

The whole process is perpetual machine, so the supply chain manager has to expertly define a cycle, and analyze to find out flaws and gaps in the supply chain. This will help them improve the chain for better production, and functioning on the whole supply chain.

If you are interested in supply chain management or something similar to it, you can do some procurement and supply chain management courses. You will understand the processes better and even get a job related to it.

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All tutorials should provide you with value. This includes drawing tutorials, free or otherwise, the whole point of which are to provide information about how to do something. They should be clear and concise, giving good sound information that takes you from not knowing how to do something to know how to do it.

I expect you may already know this so you might now be asking why I am telling you. Knowing how to do something is really only half of the battle for a number of reasons. If you can get the best drawing tutorials for kids in Indonesia, then you can navigate to

Generally speaking, much of the information available online is not always written by the site owners and they often don't even know their subject. In many cases, this may be because they are just doing it as a way of making money.

You might be glad to know that tutorials do help. Good or bad they bring benefit to the user, in most cases anyway, and you will find out for yourself if you really want to learn. If you don't then you won't.

The truth is good or bad information is all actually good. The difference really is that bad information will slow you down whereas good information will speed you up or, at least enable you to progress more efficiently.

If you really want to learn your subject thoroughly, then you will need to utilize a range of tutorials. In fact, if you really want to learn about your subject at all, you will anyway, with or without tutorials, good or bad.

The truth or fact of the matter is this, knowing the least good way to do something is as important as knowing the best way. In many cases, this is because it will enable you to find better ways of learning or better drawing tutorials.