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We all know that our human body is made of trillions of cells. Cells grow in the human body within limits. But if an abnormal growth of cells takes place, it causes cancer. Chemotherapy is the best way to treat the cancer patients.

For instance, Taxotere is used to treat the breast cancer patients. This drug simply controls the growth of cancer cells. But it has been found that this drug causes permanent hair loss also known as alopecia.

A number of breast cancer patients people in Minnesota consented to Taxotere treatment without explaining its possible side effect such as alopecia. To know more about Taxotere and its possible side effects in detail, you can visit the below-mentioned link:

Taxotere hair loss lawsuit

Some people will say during chemotherapy, hair loss is a well-known symptom. But these people should also know the fact that hairs grow back within 3-6 months of chemotherapy treatment. But it has been found that 10-15% of women who used Taxotere results in no hair growth for as long as 10 years after finishing treatment.

In addition to this, Taxotere was also sold for its “super efficacy” although no studies had ever declared Taxotere to be more effective than other chemotherapy drugs. Sanofi’s strategy of providing incentives to doctors put thousands American accountable for causing permanent hair loss or alopecia.

This would be appropriate to say that Sanofi is only responsible for manufacturing and marketing Taxotere and marketing it as the best breast cancer treatment than others.

Taxotere hair loss lawsuit

Today many people who have suffered from the side effects of Taxotere are filing Taxotere hair loss lawsuit against Sanofi(the drug manufacturer of Taxotere).

If you or your family member have been suffered permanent hair loss or alopecia from Taxotere, then you are eligible for compensation for the physical and mental harm caused by Taxotere side effects. Taxotere hair loss lawyers will win compensation on your behalf. To know more regarding Taxotere side effects and legal help, you can visit this link.

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