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Dispute resolution is the process that involves resolving conflict, dispute or claim. This term is also known as alternative dispute resolution, appropriate dispute resolution or ADR. ‘Family mediation’ (generally known as ‘familienrechtliche mediation’ in the German language) is another way to resolve the family dispute.

In case you don’t want the dispute to be resolved in court or any other institutions, then dispute resolution will work out for you. With the dispute resolution process, any kind of dispute can be resolved such as family, neighborhood, employment, business, housing, personal injury, consumer, and environmental disputes.


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What is the importance of Dispute Resolution?

There are several benefits of dispute resolution. The dispute resolution process is quite quick and cheap. It is the fastest method of resolution as compared to the traditional legal process. With the dispute resolution process, you get more control over the disputed outcome. This is less formal and more flexible process than the trial court.

The attorney is involved in Dispute Resolution?

There are many processes in dispute resolution where an attorney is not required. If a situation arises in which a case is referred to dispute resolution process by court or judge then attorney’s participation is required.

An attorney plays a different role in dispute resolution depending on the nature of the dispute and type of ‘dispute resolution services’ (also known as ‘streitbeilegungsdienste’ in the German language). There are many cases in dispute resolution where the attorneys participate as counselors or as advocates.


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Different types of Dispute Resolution Processes

Dispute Resolution generally takes a different form. Given below are some of the dispute resolution methods.

  •     Arbitration
  •    Case Evaluation
  •    Collaboration Law
  •    Cooperative Practice
  •    Divorce Coaching
  •    Early Neutral Evaluation
  •    Mediation
  •    Litigation
  •    Negotiation

This was a brief information on the dispute resolution process and why it is considered as the fastest way to resolve all your disputes.

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