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There are four main components of workplace first aid, namely; the first-aider, first aid box, first aid room, and first aid equipment. You can browse https://dandksolutions.co.uk to know more about the Health & Safety Training service.

When deciding on the number of first-aiders, first aid boxes, room first aid and first aid equipment to the workplace, the following factors should be considered: the type of industry, number of employees, number of shifts, and the location of the workplace in relation to home nearest hospital or aid station.

If there is a shift work schedule, there must be a sufficient number of first-aiders for each shift based. In a work-site where employees of different employers, such as in construction, working together.

Principal employer shall provide and maintain a safe system of work includes the provision of adequate and appropriate for the first aider, first aid box, first aid room (if necessary) and first aid equipment.

However, the relevant employer can make an arrangement in which one of them agreed to provide adequate and appropriate first aider, first aid box, first aid room (if necessary) and first aid equipment. The agreement must be recorded in writing and a copy of the agreement must be kept by each employer concerned.

An employer must display a notice, in a prominent place in the work-site, of the names and locations of first-aiders. First-aiders should also be provided with a form of identification for easy recognition.

Employers will, from time to time, recruit or select suitable person to go for first aid training. The employer must consider the people with the following qualities to be trained in first aid: physically fit, free of blood borne infectious diseases, and are free to leave their jobs to respond to emergencies.

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