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It can be praised that you are considering switching to using green and solar electricity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. It is also praiseworthy and intelligent that you seek information about the subject before you jump into the project.

This path will help you avoid some of the pitfalls of hasty decisions. The first task involved in finding out how much current you are using now. Using the word "current" is a kind of an inside joke because electricity is measured in Kilowatt Hours, which is the result of current flow at the stated voltage. To install a solar panel at your home you can visit to:


Current is measured in Amperes (or amps in short) and the standard voltage in the United States is 240 VAC (Volts, Alternating Current). This is sent by your utility on two hot feet that are referred to a neutral wire, producing two separate 120 VAC sources by connecting to one of the hot and neutral wires. 240 VAC is measured in two hot wires.

Initially, the terminology can be confusing because there are so many terms that are often considered interchangeable, even though technically they might not mean the same thing. You currently buy power from a local electricity company as Kilowatts Hours (KWH).

KWH is the equivalent of one thousand watts (kilowatts) of power consumed for a total of one hour. The rate you pay per kWh varies greatly depending on where you live, and your actual power cost is the amount of your bill divided by the amount of kWh you used that month.

How much do we use?

Most of us don't pay enough attention to our energy consumption habits, especially because we either don't understand it or don't see the effect until we get billed every month. Even though big things require a lot of energy

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