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Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest industries on the earth. According to a report, pharmaceutical revenue worldwide has passed over one trillion U.S. dollars.

Unfortunately, these states also represent the incapability of the healthcare industry to provide optimal healthcare to the humanity.

Do you know how many people filed a lawsuit against the medical malpractice? Hundred-thousands of lawsuits are being registered every year. Billions of dollars have been paid by the pharmaceutical companies to the plaintiffs. Almost 93% of the medical malpractice cases are settled out of the court.     

Are you suffering from any medical malpractice? If yes, you have all the right to fight against the medical malpractices. Today we will look at the most dangerous medical malpractice lawsuit filed in the courts.  

Tasigna lawsuit

Tasigna is one of the most popular drugs used to treat cancer. Tasigna is used all over the world to treat the Philadelphia-positive chronic myeloid patients. Tasigna was supposed to treat the cancer patients but it is causing more deadly diseases. Patients who were prescribed Tasigna later got diagnosed with atherosclerosis.

In 2015, thousands of cases of the Tasigna lawsuit | Tasigna atherosclerosis lawsuit cases have been filed in the court by the victims who suffered from atherosclerosis because atherosclerosis results in death, heart attack, peripheral arterial disease, stroke, amputation of limbs and coronary artery disease.

There are several lawsuit cases that have been filled by the Tasigna victims over the years and the company has paid over $800 billion to the U.S justice department.

If you or anyone dear to you is the victim of the Tasigna, you have the right to claim the compensation. With the assistance of a Tasigna lawyer, you can file the lawsuit in the court and fight for the payout.

Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit

Roundup is produced by the agrochemical giant, Monsanto. Roundup is one of the most famous weed killer used all over the world.

But in last few years people have filled the roundup cancer lawsuits against the company. The reason behind this is the people who are using roundup have been diagnosed with the Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, brain or breast cancer.

After the increasing incidence of the Monsanto herbicide cancer lawsuit, WHO started researching roundup and in a very shocking report of the WHO, it was found that roundup weed killer contains carcinogenic chemical.

Billions of dollars have been paid out by the company to the victims. More than 15 nation banned the Roundup herbicide. Unfortunately, if you and your family is also the victim of the roundup you can hire the Monsanto roundup attorney to file a lawsuit.

It is true that no money can compensate deadly cancer caused by roundup but you will be compensated for the expenses of the medical treatment.   

Ethicon physiomesh lawsuit

Another failure of the medical industry is Ethicon physiomesh hernia repair mesh. Ethicon hernia mesh is used in the treatment of the ventral hernia repair. Ethicon is the division of the Johnson & Johnson, big giant of the pharmaceutical industry.

Physiomesh has proven to cause several injuries including recurrence of a hernia. Because of the high failure rate, more than thirty thousand lawsuits have been filed against the company.

The cases of people suffering from the physiomesh problems increase to such extent that company had to recall its product. But the only way left for the victims to hold this giant accountable for the damage is by filing the lawsuit and to get compensation for the damage caused.

To file a lawsuit against the recall products, you need the assistance of a specialised Recall lawyer | products liability lawsuits attorney to fight in the court for your rights.

Depuy knee lawsuit

DePuy knee replacement was another complete failure as a knee replacement system.  The number of DePuy knee lawsuits filed in court is more than eight thousand and the company has paid out $2.5 billion to settle out the cases.

Essure lawsuits

Apart from this, essure lawsuits are other misfortunes of the medical industry. Almost 7 lakh women in the United States have been implanted with Essure and diagnosed with persistent pain, perforation of the uterus and abdominal pains. Essure litigation is the only way out to get the justice.

Failures of the some of the most popular products of the medical industry giants have forced people to take the matter to the court and file the lawsuit to fight for their rights. So, if you too have faced some side effects of these drugs, get legal help today!

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