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Examination of the eye is essential to secure a good eye condition. Adults should undergo this test to find out the current range of their vision and to detect eye diseases.

Likewise, children should also undergo these exams to determine whether they are visually healthy since vision is closely related to the child's learning ability.

Tests are all included to examine the eye that can be completed in just thirty minutes if done under the guidance of qualified Long Island opticians. Every eye test is different from one another but there is also a common characteristic of all of them.

– Rate your vision, eye health, and lifestyle you follow up with your glasses.

– Ensure that any spectacle is being used and determine if they respond to the needs of your peripheral.

– Checking your vision without the aid of glasses.

– Trying on lenses with different values to see if the vision will be improved with glasses or contact lenses

– Measures how clearly you can see different ranges: far, the normal range, and read range.

– Determining the health status of your eyes if other diseases also contribute to your eye disease.

– Conducting tests that can measure if your eyes work together in harmony.

If a particular problem is found during the onset of eye tests, glasses can inform your physician for further confirmation.

Once you finish taking the test, the optician will provide the latest prescription for glasses, if you need it.

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