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Compared to previous years, the SEO business has grown and developed steadily. Most SEOs (around 93%) are not only optimistic about developing their business, but also hoping to grow their business.

In what appears to be a determined step to grow their business, the vast majority of SEOs (83%) are willing to trainee more staff representative to realize the desired growth rate. If you are looking for a top digital marketing company in Toronto then you can have a look here http://h2odigital.ca.

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Social media is also expected to grow and be more effective than local directories. This is because most SEOs believe that social media can perform better because of recommendations from friends. The use of mobile phones is also expected to grow further and become relevant to local businesses.

Unlike other professions, the SEO business shows positive trust growth among the players. Despite this being an innovative and dynamic industry, most SEOs are willing to appoint more employees to help push their business forward. 84% of SEO samples in the SEO research are optimistic that the SEO business will be more profitable.

The belief is also higher than if SEO players increase understanding of SEO/social amid the firm owners they serve in the future, they will not only increase the level of investment the business owner has, but also make them transfer their marketing cost from other channels to digital channels.

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