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Small businesses normally remain on the target list of the IRS.

This question is pretty obvious to pop-up in your mind that whether you should owe the IRS delinquent income taxes or you have any payroll tax problems or might have unfiled tax returns, IF YES……You need to be worried, BECAUSE….. A revenue officer can show up at your workplace or doorstep anytime, unexpectedly.

Revenue officers are aware of all the tricks to get the truth out; they will not waste time requesting you to provide them with the information about your firm’s income and personal finances.

They will collect all the details all by themselves, without making much of an effort.

In the event if you find yourself in such kind of situation, talk to your registered company auditor and ask for his or her valuable advice on this issue. They will certainly advise you to ask the IRS revenue officer to permit you the time to get your financial information together.


At times, it happens that you do not have records, so to deal with such situations, you will require account statements or tax returns for the preceding years.

SO……Contact the IRS and ask for account or tax return records.

For instance, you get an IRS notice in which all the details are asked that are related to the taxes owed way back and need to consult with the IRS before they show up at your business or home. Try calling the number on the notice as soon as possible or find the best small business accountants gold coast to deal with your tax problem.

You cannot resolve all your tax issue with an IRS employee or revenue officer, obviously you will need a representation, contact your CPA, Enrolled Agent (EA) or Tax Attorney before the situation becomes worse, or if in case it gets worse, you could talk to them for their advice on the spot.

It would always be better to hire the tax agent rather than doing tax preparation all by yourself. Do not believe me then have a peek on this website.


Small Tip: Whether you are a self-employed and now owe back taxes to the IRS, you should expectg a number of notices like wage and bank levy notices along with tax lien notices until you pay the aberrant income taxes.

Just do not dare to ignore these tax notices as you might have to face a wage levy or garnishments, bank account tax and asset confiscations or perhaps a central tax lien on real estate assets.

The IRS can even intercept revenue earned by your products and services on the whole. Do not take risk and hire the tax agent today!

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