Asbestos in the earlier days was very popular. During the earlier 20th century, houses and businesses depended on asbestos on a large scale. Asbestos was easily visible with our naked eyes. However, only a professional who had done a professional training or certificate course could identify the asbestos with the help of a microscope. Let’s see as to how asbestos is found in houses and at workplaces.

Asbestos at Home – In traditional homes, asbestos was used in the construction process. It was used in the building materials along with household products that are common. The only problem to this now is that people still prefer to live in older houses consisting of previously used asbestos materials. People living in such houses are more prone to asbestos exposure during renovation, demolition and repairing when the asbestos material is easily disturbed. Asbestos material found in homes includes the following.

a. The Roof area.

b. Ceiling Tiles.

c. Windows consisting of caulking and glazing.

d. Boilers.

e. Boilers and pipes consisting of insulation.

It would be wise for the individual not to disturb the asbestos material. They should contact an asbestos removal expert.

Asbestos at Work – When it comes to workplaces, people are highly exposed to asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma. Even today, many workers are exposed to this dangerous material due to the negligence of wearing protective gears. Common workers exposed to asbestos include the following.

a. Plumbers.

b. Welders.

c. Firefighters.

d. Electricians.

e. Steamfitters.

f. Boilermakers.

g. Painters.

h. Shipyard workers.

i. Mechanics.

Countries such as the US are now making mandatory for workers to wear protective gears during their work.

In Newcastle, asbestos removal is becoming mandatory in older homes and at work places.