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Whether you are the religious type or not you cannot deny that they have the best form of architecture there is. And with different styles too. Depending on the places they are being stationed. Their designs are so intricate because they have been created by the people of a long time ago so of course, they would be beautiful. Some of the newer churches we see these days are pretty all on their own but they are just that. Modern. Let us marvel at Churches in Galion Ohio.

If you are not a fan of architecture, that is okay. A lot of us are not, actually, but sometimes some designs just take our breath away. Even when we know close to nothing about building and creating things bigger than a sand castle. Does it not do the same for you when you see something utterly breathtaking?

Tourists would go around the world just to see the famous churches and some of them are not even of the same religion, much less be religious themselves. They are just there to experience the culture at the same time take pictures of them. And who would blame them? those things are beautiful.

There is beauty in something that has been there way longer than our grandparents were alive. The fact that they have been here longer than that means that they have history and must have seen and experienced a lot of things over the years. If they were sentient, we would ask them about the things they have seen.

What were the things that they have seen over the years that they have stood? What of the conflicts they were forced to see? The calamities that they had been forced to endure, protecting the people taking shelter from within them? what f their wisdom, as the home of God for so many decades?

The amount of wisdom we would get if we were able to communicate to antiques. Or maybe that is just us and our thirst for history and knowledge. Since the world is changing ay too rapidly for our taste, we want to get back to the times where humans were still trying to figure things out.

How did they do it? sure, there might be books about the hows and whys somewhere out there, but we want to learn this personally. Only because it can get really boring and uninteresting to read it out of pages instead of hearing it from the people who will no doubt talk about it with so much passion.

That is what is great about churches. They held so much more than they let on. It helps that they are the supposed home of religion where everyone goes to when they want to figure themselves out or when they are at their happiest. Or even when they just wanted to pay their respects to their God.

Love is everywhere in churches. Every time you enter one, you get this warm feeling and you will suddenly feel like everything is alright. They are great.