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Land claims do arise. Even if you had a title search done during the time you're in escrow before you purchased the house, it is likely that something has been missed and somebody may file a claim against your house.

A prior owner had given yet another individual permission to use the property in a certain way without recording it. Unless it had been recorded and registered, it is improbable that such an arrangement could appear in a title search.

Best title services operate by shielding you from defects in the title. These flaws occurred before the date of your coverage being issued and before you taking possession of their property.

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Title bureaus will find out more about the history of their house to recognize and fix flaws in the name before they issue a policy. If they find flaws in the name, the flaws will be adjusted or recorded as exceptions to the coverage.

If listed as exceptions, they won't be addressed against potential claims. Remember this is extremely different from most other kinds of insurance such as homeowners insurance, which protects you from hidden future occasions.

The first thing you should do is examine your title insurance coverage to decide whether the use or claim is specifically excluded from it. It is possible this particular usage was called as an exception and you forgot about it.