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The common name for a termite is the white ant. These insects are known for destroying the wood. They are capable of eating away the home and the buildings. These insects are not visible by naked eyes as they live in darkness.

The plantations, crops, and forests are also affected by the termites. The harm caused by the termites is not limited to the surface of the wood, but also extends to the carpets, clothes, and papers.

The harm done by these small ants is so devastating that the need for pest control in houses is a must. There are many best pest and termite inspection companies are available in the marketplace.

The termite treatment before the actual construction of homes is very helpful in avoiding any kind of future harm which the termites can cause in the near future. The homeowners often ask for termite protection at the time of finishing of the house.

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Some of the homeowners are so much worried about the harm that the termites cause that they especially want their home to be termite free vicinity.

The first and the foremost thing that must be done to eradicate the trouble of termites are to eliminate all the sources of moisture both inside and outside the house. Termites need moisture to develop and multiply in number.

In the absence of most sources, the termites can never breed. Below mentioned are some of the measures which are helpful in termite treatment before the construction procedure takes place.

It is important to use chemical treatment at the intersection of floors and walls. Usually, certain holes are made in the perimeter of the building and these holes are filled with chemicals which are capable of preventing any kind of pest to enter the surface of the building.