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Sports massage therapy can be very beneficial for athletes who need to constantly appear at the top of their game. Such gentlemen from the world of sports often employ personal massage therapists because they are very important in rehabilitation after a match, or before a match, loosening the body in preparation for upcoming physical activity.

Swedish Massage

If a player has damaged tissue, a sports massage therapist can be optimized to help the body's natural healing process. An athlete can easily rehabilitate with Therapeutic Sports Massage in Kirkland, WA. Sports Massage Therapy as Rehabilitation is very helpful with:

  1. Oxidize soft tissue with nutrients
  2. Rehabilitate muscles and tendons
  3. Eliminating waste from deep tissue

Sports massage is somewhat different from ordinary spa massage because it is intended to dig deeper into the muscles and really relax all your tissues after participating in extended high-intensity action. Sports massage and spa massage do use the same types of strokes and techniques. However, a sports massage therapist gives more strength to certain pain points.

Therapeutic sports massage cannot be recommended because of intense penetration into deeper body tissues. If you have one of these physical attributes, sports massage is NOT recommended. You may need to discuss with your massage therapist beforehand if you have medical conditions including:

  1. Open wound
  2. Broke in muscles or tendons
  3. Bursitis
  4. Tumor
  5. Artificial blood vessels