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Tax payment is way too difficult.

All around the globe, every country has their own set of rules and policies to timely collect taxes from the people.

In this article, we will be discussing the Voluntary Disclosure Program, launched by Canada, a few years back.

In Canada, most of the taxpayers are anxious while taking the inventiveness to come clean with the CRA or Canada Revenue Agency about past matters.

For such kind of taxpayers, the CRA and Canadian tax services have conducted a “no-name” disclosure Program. This enables the taxpayer to examine the tax-waters.

In a no-name disclosure, the statistics given by the taxpayer is the same as that needed by the CRA in a voluntary disclosure excluding for the taxpayer’s individuality.

In concern to no-name disclosure or voluntary disclosure Canada, a VDP authority officer from the CRA can check that there is nothing to propose, at first instance that may debar the taxpayer profiting from the VDP, other than the individuality of the taxpayer.

In such situations, there is a significant role of a chartered accountant.

The practice of an auditor offers a robust range of services, which comprises of monetary statement preparation, accounting, personal & commercial income tax returns, tax & manor planning, corporate advisory services.

They work meticulously with every patron, permitting the customer to an emphasis on attaining their business and individual aims.

The accounting team emphases on their client’s each and every unique necessity and prospects. This method allows the accountant to see the superior picture and forestall their client’s requirements, having an optimistic effect on their customer’s income.


Our reason to write this article is to make you aware of the present changes made by the government in order to make taxpaying easier.

Go through this web link to find out about the latest updates in regards to Voluntary disclosure.

If Canadian inhabitants haven’t stated their foreign income, they can file a VD to report these expenses.

The CRA has extensive powers to request records and information. (Remember that always) Intensely consider hiring a Canadian taxation lawyer who has experience in these areas for help.

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