Right from the getting the raw materials to seeing the product in the hands of the final consumer, managing this whole process is called supply chain management. It is a very important aspect of companies that are based on making and supplying a particular finished product. For you to be a good supply chain manager, you need to be good at planning, executing, assessing and analyzing.


You have to plane for the product to be supplied consistently according to its demand. You have to plan when your product will be high demand, so, there is no shortage in the market, and you also have to plan when the demand will not high, so, too much of inventory is not stuck with you.


The whole manufacturing of the product falls under the execution process. Getting the raw materials into production, manufacturing the product, quality assessment, dispatching the product to the wholesalers and retailers, and getting the feedback on the product from the consumers is a part of the execution.

Assessing & Analyzing

The whole process is perpetual machine, so the supply chain manager has to expertly define a cycle, and analyze to find out flaws and gaps in the supply chain. This will help them improve the chain for better production, and functioning on the whole supply chain.

If you are interested in supply chain management or something similar to it, you can do some procurement and supply chain management courses. You will understand the processes better and even get a job related to it.

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